What do you do?

We partner with the local church and volunteer teams to build homes for families living in poverty in México, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Through this act the example of Christ’s love is evident to everyone involved. 


What cities do you work in?

We work in Juárez, México, Acuña, México, San Raimundo, Guatemala, and Santiago, Dominican Republic. 


What is the typical family situation?

The families we serve earn an average of $60 per week or less. Many live in structures made of cardboard, wood pallets, or other scrap materials available to them.  In addition, extended families often live together, making their small living area very crowded. 


Do I need construction experience?

No. A Casas por Cristo missionary will be with each team, leading and teaching everything that is required to complete the project. Any group with willing servants can complete the home.


Who builds/pays for the homes?

Volunteer teams from across the United States and Canada not only build the homes, but also pay for the materials through project fees.


What is the cost per project? How many people does it take to build?

México: $5,000 two room home (12-18 people)
México: $7,500 three room home (18-24 people)
Guatemala: $8,000 three room home (15-25 people) Plus $150 per person
Dominican Republic: $8,500 three room home (15-25 people) Plus $150 per person

*We welcome all ages to participate, however group sizes are based on individuals over 12 years old.
Individual opportunities are also available: 
$500 México
$675 Guatemala 
$700 Dominican Republic

See the trip guides for more details.


What type of homes do you build?

We build a wood frame home, complete with a concrete foundation, electricity, windows and doors. In each location the home design differs based on the specific needs of the culture and country. 


Do you install plumbing?

No.  Families typically have an existing outhouse, and most areas where we build aren’t equipped with sewage systems.


How long does it take?

Each home is a week-long project, typically with four days of building. See the trip guide for each location for more details.


When are trips available?

Groups can schedule trips any week of the year, excluding August through September in Guatemala. Individuals can sign up on pre-scheduled Team Casas trips. 


What about transportation and accommodations?

Travel to each location is the responsibility of the team or individual. 
Accommodations in country are scheduled by Casas por Cristo.
Please see the trip guides for each location for more information.


Will a member of your staff stay with us?

Yes.  A Casas por Cristo missionary will be with your team from the time you arrive in the destination country until the time you return to the United States.  


Do we need a passport?

Yes, a passport or passport card is needed for all travel outside of the US. 
For more information and for exemptions for children under age 19, please feel free to visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website or view the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Fact Sheet.


What am I NOT allowed to bring back to the United States?

Fireworks, narcotics, other illicit drugs, merchandise made from endangered species, Cuban cigars, live birds, switchblade knives, fruit, vegetables, meat, and any other item that would tarnish the reputation of Casas por Cristo, your group, or Jesus Christ. 


What do we need to bring?

We ask that everyone bring a hammer, carpenter’s pencil, 25 ft. tape measure, and utility knife. See our trip guides for a complete packing list. (Located under the Trip guides & forms tab) 


How soon do I need to schedule a trip?

As soon as possible.  Keep in mind full payment is due 30 days prior to the desired build date. Most teams schedule a few months in advance.


How does the deposit work?

When teams register for their trip they are required to provide a $1000 non-refundable deposit per project. The deposit is applied toward your final trip fees. If a team cancels a project they will forfeit the $1000. A forfeited deposit may be transferred to a new project ONLY within the same calendar year. Make sure you are confidant in your trip dates before registering.   


When are the trip fees due?

All trip fees are due 30 days prior to your trip date. Any late payments will incur a $100 late fee per project.


Is it safe?

Since 1993, we have not had one incident related to physical violence or threat of kidnapping. We have encountered incidences of theft. However, in almost all of these cases, it has been in a situation of neglect (not keeping an eye on belongings, leaving them inside a vehicle overnight, etc.). We believe that the Lord has placed a hedge of protection around our ministry and the work that we do. We have a healthy grasp on the reality that comes with working in a foreign country. We believe in being aware, careful, and mindful of our surroundings at all times while we are serving. We are blessed to operate in communities where our work is well-respected and well-recognized. The people we come in contact with are appreciative and protective of the work that we do. 

Please know that if we ever feel the climate is too volatile or unsafe, we will respond accordingly and temporarily halt operations.