Casas por Cristo missionaries

Gail Andrews

Human Resources Manager

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915.778.0046 ext. 14

Hello! My name is Gail and I came on staff with Casas por Cristo in February 2014. Along with building, my role at CpC is human resources and office manager. I graduated in May of 2013 with a degree in Human Resources and immediately came down here for an internship. I felt God calling me to serve Him and the people of México, so I moved from Ohio to Texas to begin working with Casas full-time. I love what CpC stands for and the opportunities it presents for the Gospel to be shared; to families, to communities and to teams. It is such a privilege to watch the countless inspirational stories of faith, hope, and love as God continues to invade the hearts and lives of everyone connected to Casas por Cristo.  

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Seth Brooks

Spiritual Outreach Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 21

Hey, I'm Seth Brooks. I am married to my beautiful wife Traci, and we just had our first child, Scarlett Faith. I came on my first Casas build in 2013 and was immediately hooked. 
Traci and I both graduated from Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia where we met. After graduation we were married and one year later we moved to El Paso to serve with Casas por Cristo. I love serving God by both sharing the story of His love for His children and being able to give them a physical manifestation of His love for them through a home. 


Zach Bryan


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915.778.0046 ext. 18

Hi. My name is Zach Bryan, and I am from the mountains of Hendersonville, NC. I went on my first Casas trip to Juárez in 2012, and it changed my life. I knew I had to return to this city. Over the next 5 years, I was able to be a part of more than 10 builds in the city of Juárez. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Show Production and Concert Touring. I am excited about allowing God to use my videography skills to bring others closer to Christ and to spread the Gospel to the world. 

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Joshua & Allie Crabbs

Dominican Field Coordinator's

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915.778.0046 ext. 70

Hello! I’m Josh. I first worked with Casas por Cristo when I was 16 years old on a trip Juárez. In 2006, I packed all my belongings and moved from Akron, Ohio to El Paso, Texas to work with Casas as a summer intern and in 2007 was officially brought on staff as a Juárez Field Coordinator. I married my beautiful wife in 2014, and in 2015 we moved to the Dominican Republic where we serve together as Dominican Field Coordinators. It has been quite an adventure learning and living in the Dominican, and we are honored to play a role in the incredible work God is doing there. 

My name is Allie, and I first heard about Casas por Cristo in 2012 while interning at Colegio Cristiano Mañana Gloriosa. God captivated my heart for missions when I was 16 years old while working with an orphanage, ironically, in Juárez. After that, I spent the majority of my summers working with different organizations outside the U.S. In 2013, I graduated from Dallas Christian College, then worked for Colegio Cristiano Mañana Gloriosa, and after getting married to my handsome Casas man, now work as one of the Dominican Field Coordinators.

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Ryan de la Peña

Team Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 16

I was first introduced to Casas por Cristo in 2001 when I came on a trip with my home church from Colorado Springs to build a home for a family in Juárez, México. After experiencing firsthand the poverty of México and seeing the need for the Gospel, I followed God’s call on my life by becoming an intern. After completing 3 internships, I felt God leading me to come on staff full time in 2003. I met Leanne at Casas, and we married in August of 2003. Leanne continued to serve as Team Coordinator until the birth of our first child. I continued at Casas and spent the next six years working with the Operations Department. Currently my wife and I have seven children, Aurora (11), Ethan (10), Silas (8), Eli (7), Landon (5), Elliana (3), and Israel (2). My current responsibilities include building with teams in Juárez and Acuña, México and San Raimundo, Guatemala, as well as scheduling trips as Team Coordinator. Leanne stays busy caring for our growing family and homeschooling our children. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to use our lives to serve God in México and Guatemala.

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Scott Dewitt

Acuña Field Director

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915.778.0046 ext. 50

Hello I am Scott DeWitt. My wife Jonna and I have been serving in full time ministry for all of our adult lives. We have had a calling to serve God and His people for years. Our relationship with Casas por Cristo started in 1999 when I was serving as a youth minister in Illinois. We discovered a love for missions after leading several youth trips with Casas. I then served a short time on the Board of Trustees at Casas. 
In 2006 God took our love and passion for missions and my position on the Board of Trustees, and turned it into our full time ministry at Casas. I was given the opportunity to move from a ministry serving youth to a ministry serving the poor in México. For the first seven and a half years on staff I served as the Director of Spiritual Outreach. At the beginning of 2014 I transitioned into my current role as the Acuña Field Director. There is nothing my family would rather do than serve God through this ministry. We feel blessed to be part of what God is doing through Casas and all who partner with us.

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Wayland & Katherine Dietrich

Guatemala Field Coordinator & Finance Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext.60

Hello my name is Wayland Dietrich. In 2013, I hit a fork in the road of life and realized it was time for a major life change. I randomly came across the Casas por Cristo website and applied for an internship. Three months in México building homes and serving God seems like a big enough life change, right? Little did I know that internship was going to be the first step into a great journey I have been led down. I am currently a Field Coordinator in our Guatemala location. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am and how every day I am learning to put my trust in God.

Hi! My name is Katherine and I am passionate about serving others. I am a missionary and Finance Coordinator at Casas por Cristo, serving alongside my husband in Guatemala. My desire to serve was fueled by travelling abroad in college. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree with a dual concentration in Accounting and International Business and a Spanish minor at Indiana University Southeast. I spent three months in El Paso, TX as an apprentice in the Finance Department and I moved to Guatemala to serve next to my husband on January 4, 2017. I am extremely excited to see the plans God has in store for this ministry. 

Brigham Dion

Intern Manager

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915.778.0046 ext.17

Hi, my name is Brigham. My beautiful wife, Jamie, and I have two fantastic little girls: Caris and Calla. I’m originally from Illinois and took my first trip with Casas at age sixteen. A few summers later I came back as an intern. That summer was a major turning point in my life that deepened my desire to serve God. Afterwards, He opened up the opportunity for me to work in youth ministry for nine years. I joined Casas’ staff in the fall of 2016 to serve as the Intern Manager. I have the privilege of working for a ministry that has impacted and shaped my life in a tremendous way. We have been blessed by Casas, and now we want to be a blessing through Casas. We are excited about what God is going to bring about in our time here.

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Pete Dockery

Guatemala Field Director

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915.778.0046 ext. 60

Hi, I am Pete. I have been on staff at Casas por Cristo since September of 2001, with my wife Abby joining in the summer of 2005. I also served as a summer intern for three summers prior to coming on staff. I serve as the Guatemala Field Director. I am privileged to be a part of leading and helping set the vision and direction of the ministry. Abby and I have been married for 11 years and have five children: Eden, Charlotte, Ezra, Samuel, and Solomon. 

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Miguel Flores

Juárez Field Coordinator

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Hola, me llamo Miguel. I have worked at Casas por Cristo in Juárez for 20 years. I will most likely see you while you are building in Juárez because that is my home. I am also a pastor in the community where I live. I have been married for 24 years and have four kids and a grand daughter.


Josh Imhoff

Project Manager

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915.778.0046 ext.12

I am a corn fed boy, born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Growing up, I worked in the construction field for my dad and started my own business after marrying my high school sweet-heart, Katie, in July of 2006. Together, we have three wonderful kids, Eli, Emi, and Bergan. I went on my first mission trip to Ecuador when I was in 8th grade and felt an immediate connection to the Hispanic culture. After my first trip with Casas por Cristo in 2010, I knew this was where God was calling me to serve. It took six long years, but I am grateful for all of the experiences and lessons that brought me here today! I have been on several trips with Casas over the years and have even been able to bring my son along on two of those. Of course, his natural good looks and charming personality make him a hit! I am super excited for our kids to see a side of the world that many people never get to experience. My free time is usually spent fishing, hunting, or doing anything outdoors, and you will rarely see me without my Contigo mug filled with some french pressed coffee.

Casas por Cristo missionaries

Justin & Julie Kirklin

Dominican Field Director

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915.778.0046 ext. 70

Greetings! I'm Justin Kirklin. I have a beautiful wife named Julie, a son named Eli, and a daughter named Emily. Julie and I met in our home state of Michigan and attended Ferris State University together. We were both introduced to Casas por Cristo through our campus ministry and fell in love with Casas. We married in 2008. In 2009, we accepted a position with the ministry and moved to El Paso to start our wonderful ministry together with the rest of the Casas staff. 

In 2014, we were honored with the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic to plant Casas in a new country. We feel so blessed to be a part of the ministry in the Dominican. Seeing families come to Christ and receive homes make any of the trials along the way well worth it. Please pray for our family as we continue to serve the people in the Dominican Republic.

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Jason Laffan

Director of Operations

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915.778.0046 ext. 22

My first trip with Casas was in the summer of 1998 with my home church from Fayetteville, Georgia. The following summer I started this full time journey with my first internship as a Junior in college.  Every day since 1999 this ministry has been a part of who I am in Christ. I have been blessed to marry my wife, Amy, and have her support in our work at Casas. Our three boys Jonas, Kash and Titus were born here and have been raised watching and serving the people of México. There is no place I would rather be in this world than right here on the mission field working at Casas por Cristo and serving Jesus Christ. 


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Tyler MiIller

Guatemala Field Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 60

I’m originally from Mitchell, South Dakota. I grew up in the countryside on our farm and spent most of my time working alongside my dad. I attended the University of South Dakota for 6 years where I earned a Master of Art in Biology degree. It wasn't until March 2013 that I was introduced to Casas por Cristo. I went on my first build to Juárez with a group from my hometown. I immediately fell in love with the people, the simplicity of their lifestyle, and the mission of Casas. I then spent the summer as an intern in Guatemala, began my apprenticeship in September 2013, and officially joined staff January 1, 2014. Thus far, seeking biblical truths has led me on an incredible journey of faith -- not filled with comfort, complacency or contentment, but a burning desire for challenge, sacrifice, and simplicity. The families we serve have motivated me to step beyond the walls of the church to minister to those to whom we are called. And for those of you who enjoy random facts, I’m addicted to coffee and Chap Stick.

missionaries Casas por Cristo

David Quiñones

Acuña Field Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 50

Hello, my name is David Quiñones. I have been working with Casas por Cristo for eleven years. I was born and raised in Juárez, México. I am married to Delia Alvarez, and we have two beautiful sons, David Jr. and Irvin. David Jr. is 18 years old and is now in college. Irvin is eleven years old and is in 6th grade. I began my work with Casas in February 2004 in Juárez. Due to the violence that occurred there, we decided in March 2009 to continue serving the Lord full time with Casas in Acuña, México. It has been a big challenge for our family because this is the first time we have ever moved away from Juárez. Through his grace, God has taught me to serve others. It is my privilege to serve God at Casas. Being a missionary allows me to work with my hands and teach others as we build our model homes. It is my responsibility to make preparations for our volunteer groups, to be attentive to their needs while they are here, to visit families before and after construction, to host the monthly pastors meetings, and to keep the central warehouse and its tools in order. 

missionaries Casas por Cristo

David Robertson 

Executive Director

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915.778.0046 ext. 25

I know no other life outside of the ministry. My parents served as missionaries with Colegio Biblico in Eagle Pass, TX / Piedras Negras, MX for 37 years. I studied Youth and Pastoral Ministry at Dallas Christian College and New Testament Preaching at Johnson Bible College. I have served on staff at the Christian Church of Midland, TX, First christian Church in Weslaco, TX, and Raintree Christian Church in Lubbox, TX. Somewhere along the way, I met, fell in love with and married my wife of over 20 years, Rio, and witnessed the birth of our beautiful daughter, Taylor. After serving on the board at Casas por Cristo for a couple of years, I came on staff as the Executive Director in 2005.

I have never felt more at home than I do here. This is what God has been preparing me for my entire life. I love being able to present the Gospel to people in a real and tangible way. I love being able to connect regular church folks with regular families in foreign countries and letting them see that they are both children of the King. 

If I'm not here doing something with Casas or remodeling something at my house, you'll find me at some camp ground. Our family loves to camp. Any time I can string a couple of days together you'll find my wife and I pulling our little tear drop trailer to some state or national park and getting away from it all. The staff here insists that in my retirement I am going to be a tour guide at some park.

missionaries Casas por Cristo

Travis & Roberta Sanders

Juárez Field Coordinator & Team Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 19 & 10

Salutations. I'm Travis Sanders, one of the Juárez Field Coordinators. I am crazy blessed. I have a wife who loves me for exactly who I am, and an adorable daughter, Violet Mae. I completed an internship and an apprenticeship with Casas before finally joining staff in 2007. After five wonderful years, in 2011, Roberta and I moved back to Illinois. After three years away trying to live "normal" lives, we feel so incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to return to Casas. Having just had our first child, Violet, I cannot imagine a better way to show her what it means to love than for her to grow up seeing families receive homes

My name is Roberta Sanders, and I am one of the Team Coordinators at Casas por Cristo. I came on my first mission trip with Casas at the age of 14 back in 1998 and fell in love with the ministry and how it tangibly shows God's love. After completing a summer internship with Casas in 2006,  I married Travis and graduated from St. Louis Christian College. Our daughter, Violet was born in 2014, and we are excited to share our work with her as she grows up.

missionaries Casas por Cristo

Jason Roth 

Finance Manager

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915.778.0046 ext. 13

Hi, I’m Jason! I have a wife named Janette and three-year-old twin boys named Caleb and Thomas. Janette and I grew up in Indiana and first met at Ball State University, although we never dated
until after we both wound up on staff here at Casas por Cristo. Janette was the Intern and Volunteer Manager, but after we had the boys, she became a stay-at-home mom.
I went on my first Casas por Cristo trip in 2003 with a crew from my college ministry. I had no construction experience at all going in, but I wound up having one of the best weeks of my life! I loved the tangibility of what we were doing; it was one of the most powerful ways to love with actions that I had ever seen. After two more trips, I applied to intern in 2006, and after two internships, I felt that this was where I needed to be.
When I joined staff in 2007, my office job was as a Site Coordinator, making maps and working in the database. However, in 2011, I switched roles to fill a void we had in financial bookkeeping. So when I’m not working with a team building a home, I get to crunch the numbers and reconcile accounts! It’s not glamorous, but it’s very necessary to facilitate the work that we are all so passionate about.


missionaries Casas por Cristo

Jessica Selburg

Finance Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext. 24

My name is Jessica. I was first introduced to Casas in 2009. I came on a trip with my college ministry and there my passion for the people of México was born. Before Casas I went on a trip to Romania, and I believe that's when the Lord produced the desire in me to do mission work. In between my trips with Casas I spent some time volunteering and working with college students. In 2012 I took my first internship at CpC. In the fall of 2012 I came back to complete 4 more internships before finally coming on staff full time. 
I now work as a finance coordinator, assisting in the day to day bookkeeping. When I am not in the office I am in Juárez or Acuña, México spreading the Good News and leading house building projects. My long term goal and desire is to see the Kingdom of God earnestly press forward here in the border land. 

missionaries Casas por Cristo

Andrew Sexton

Senior Designer

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915.778.0046 ext. 27

Hello I am Andrew, I came on trips with Casas for three years, which led to a summer internship before I graduated with a degree in graphic design. Later I moved to El Paso to work with Casas full time. I grew up going on trips to México with my home church, which is where I gained my passion for mission work.
I serve as a senior designer at Casas. I love this job because I get to use what I learned in school to help the ministry grow, and I get to work with my hands as well as with people, which is also a passion of mine. I recently got married to my beautiful wife Lacy and moved her to El Paso in May 2014. She now works at our church as the administrative assistant.

Donnie Stubbelfield


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915.778.0046 ext.15

Hello, I’m Donnie. The Lord has blessed me for more than 20 years in serving youth and adults throughout the Midwest and Latin America. God began my journey in Missouri as He placed me to be the Director of Student Ministry from 1996 to 2004 at St. John Lutheran Church in Ellisville, MO. My very first youth team to serve through Casas Por Cristo in Juarez, Mexico came shortly after in 1997. The next door that God guided me and my family through was to serve the youth in Aurora, IL, again as a Director of Student Ministry at Crossroads Community Church in Aurora, IL. I continued to take youth, college students, and adults to serve in Juarez, as well as in Belize and Guatemala via short term missions. From 2006 to 2009 I held a position on CPC’s Board. The love of my life, Leslie, continuously supports the plans that God has for our lives. We are the proud parents to Chelsea, Josh, and Nick and we have four beautiful grandchildren (with twins coming in 2017!).

missionaries Casas por Cristo


Juárez Field Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext.15

My name is Jake White, and I’m originally from Akron, Ohio. I decided to follow the Lord after my freshman year of college. I was attending a college ministry called Campus Focus and came with them on my first Casas trip during our Spring Break in 2011. It was such an impactful week in my life, and I couldn’t just walk away. I signed up and did my first internship down in San Raymundo, Guatemala. I found myself coming back every chance I could. I was hooked. I did my next internship and just finished my apprenticeship  in Juárez, México, as well. As of December 1, 2015 I am the newest Casas employee serving as a Field Coordinator in Juárez! I am so excited for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. God has been so good to me!


missionaries Casas por Cristo

Nick Wille

Acuña Field Coordinator

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915.778.0046 ext.50

My name is Nick Wille. I am from St. Louis, Missouri. My first and only trip was back in 2007 when I was a freshman in high school. It was my first experience out of the country for a mission trip, and it was an amazing and eye opening experience for me. I've since graduated with a degree in Industrial Technology from Ranken Technical college in St. Louis. I love to work with my hands and build things. I also volunteered a lot with my home church youth group and loved working with the students. 
I've completed two internships with Casas por Cristo during the summers of 2014 and 2015. They were awesome opportunities. I met great new friends and just fell in love with the ministry.   
I am now working in Acuña Mexico. I love getting to be the hands and feet of Christ, and I'm so excited to see what God has for me and Acuña.