Who We Are

Driven by a desire to provide tangible expressions of God's love and provision, we began building homes along the U.S. / México border in 1993, first in Ciudad Juárez. We have since expanded to Ciudad Acuña, MéxicoSan Raimundo, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Casas por Cristo (Homes because of Christ) creates important partnerships among various groups across international borders. To date, we have provided over 4,500 families with homes. But at Casas por Cristo, we go beyond building. We are dedicated to growing Christ's church one home at a time by helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors.
Our Missionaries
With the exception of our Mexican, Guatemalan, and Dominican-national staff, Casas por Cristo is comprised of support-based missionaries. Each staff member is solely responsible for raising the vast majority of their own salary. Most support comes in the form of donations from friends, families, churches, and past team members. There is much planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes before a home is built for a family. In addition to leading teams of volunteers through the building process, staff members are responsible for stateside duties that allow the ministry to function as well. 
Our Pastors Board
The Casas por Cristo Pastors' Boards are comprised of nearly 150 pastors who live and work in México, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. This body is vital to the ministry and our lasting impact in the communities we serve. This board of dedicated pastors holds a monthly meeting that includes a time of praise and worship, teaching, and a Casas business meeting. During the meeting, each pastor has the opportunity to present applications for homes. The Board then votes to approve or deny applications. Each member is personally responsible for visiting with the recipient family before and after they receive a home from Casas por Cristo. This process is an opportunity to spread the Gospel and widen participation in the Christian community.
Our Board of Trustees
Our Board is comprised of individuals from all over the country and Canada.

Casas por Cristo partnerships in Guatemala
Casas por Cristo missionaries